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It is a true and well proven fact that

"If you fail to plan,  then you are planning to fail".

And remember one thing,

if you believe that you will succeed, then you will;
if you believe that you will fail - then you will.

So - lets look at this daunting task of creating a plan. Interestingly enough it does not have to be difficult or grand to start with. In reality, a plan is or should be a "living" thing - it should grow or shrink as it is worked.  Below I have highlighted 6 points that will help you on your way to success.

OK - Let's get started.


This is the end result you want. Define it - even if your definition is in its broadest terms.  Is it a million?, a full-time income? a part-time income? or something to supplement your income for those occasional luxuries that are currently just outside of your grasp. I remember listening to a Jim Rohn talk a while ago when he said "it's not that things are too expensive these days, - You just can't afford it!" - think on that for a minute.

Perhaps your vision of success has nothing to do with money - maybe its your health. You want to lose weight, or improve your physique, better body-toning, improved skin condition, you want to stop smoking or improve your eyesight.

Or maybe you are looking for self-improvement, a more focused thinking, a better approach to life, or you want to make sense of this confusing world.

Whatever your hopes and wants - state it - in its broadest terms.


because you are here on the internet I can assume that means that you want to use the web as a vehicle to achieve your goal - your vision

If your goal is monetary, then you are probably looking to use the internet to sell something.

    So want do you want to sell?

    Is it your own product - this can be a physical entity or it can be more esoteric like an information source, a subscription package etc.

    Or is it someone elseís product/service - you may want to act as a broker for an others product or service for which you may or may not receive some compensation when that product get sold (this is called affiliate marketing on the web and is the process used by thousands of internet entrepreneurs to make a substantial living.

If its health connected, then maybe you are looking for that one thing that can help you - and that you can understand and implement into YOUR lifestyle, rather than changing your lifestyle to suit someone elseís idea of a lifestyle.

Likewise, if your goal is self-development, then you are hoping that somewhere in that mountain of good(and bad) information out there is the one golden nugget that will transform your life.


Now we would all like this to happen yesterday so lets be a little realistic here.

Do you want to achieve your goal in a month, a year?

    The more demanding your timeframe, the more demanding the effort will be - and sometimes the timeframe may prove to be impractical, but set a time anyway.  The pleasure of a plan is that it can be - and should be, reviewed and modified as it progresses - especially because the more you work a plan the more information and experience you have to make the plan more workable.


OK, you have your goal defined, the product or service, identified and a timeframe established.

Now what? - How are you going to go about achieving this mission of yours?

Lets approach this from two perspectives, because the approach for health and self improvement is pretty much the same.

The goal is health or self.

    This is probably the easiest - and the most time consuming if you are not careful. You can enter any of a myriad of search terms in Google or Yahoo and be presented with a MASSIVE amount of links or sources of information for what you want.  For example the search term "weight loss tips" produces more than 34 MILLION hits and the term "Self Improvement books" produced more than 31 MILLION hits - Aaagh!

    So where do you start? How can you be protected? WHAT DO YOU DO?

    My advice is pretty much straightforward - be more specific on your search terms.

    Find a review site and check out their recommendations (Like

    See which ones appear to provide you with the the means to achieve your goal and then go with it.

    One point to be cautious of is to make sure that you have an adequate review period - what I mean is make sure that the vendor provides you with the option to return the product for a FULL refund - and that you have various options on how to pay for the product. One of the better methods is to use something called paypal - where this site also provides you with a certain amount of buyer protection in getting your money back.

    And once you have located the product that you are comfortable with - JUST DO IT!

The goal is financial?

    Firstly - what marketing vehicles are available to you through the internet?

    The simplest - and least costly is through e-mail marketing. This is where you send an e-mail to a prospective client detailing your product or service and providing a means (by replying to the e-mail) to secure that item for  yourself. Also the most primitive. Better to send an e-mail identifying a location on the 'web that will detail your product or service  and provide a mechanism whereby that prospective client can order the item offered (such as through paypal which offers both the buyer and seller some form of protection).

    To be able to do this, you must first have established your presence on the web - a website, and there are many opportunities to do this.

    The one I use is 1and1 hosting - good service, cheap to get started and a host of information to help you along your way.

Item 5 - GET HELP!

Yes, seriously, get help. Get training, get support - get someone on your side that has done what you are trying to do and are willing to share their wisdom concerning best practices and methods and can guide you through the mire and pitfalls of your venture. Whatever you are trying to do, rest assured someone else has been there and done that and if you can find someone to walk with you through the initial processes all the better for you.

You can buy books - there are hundreds available - check out amazon to see what I mean - put "internet marketing" into the search box and see the results - (I just did with amazon and the results showed 3,924 items in books alone). Wow!! where to start!

Or you can use one or more of the many resources available on the 'web. Yep, they are there - some good, some bad and some just designed to take your money. My personal favorite, and the resource I use is Wealthy affiliate university.

Item 6 - JUST DO IT!

Last in this list (and believe me I could have continued for an hour or more) - is - whatever your plan, whatever your product whatever your method - just do it.  Thatís right - just do it - if your first attempt does not succeed to your expectations, don't be disheartened - just look at it as a success in identifying one way that does not work. Keep at it - it won't be long before you find your working "light-bulb" and the rest will be history.

Good luck on your journey - wishing you all success.

David E.


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